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UI designer Intern

March – August 2023

As the nature of the work is confidential, I won’t be able to show any visuals for the time being. However, I can talk about the work I have done at LifeBonder.


LifeBonder is a social media app uniquely designed to boost people social life by providing a safe place to facilitate human connections. Their mission is to end loneliness and break social media addiction, fake personas, cyber-bullying and cancel culture.

What I worked on!

As a UI designer Intern, I was first given the task to do the animation videos of several user flows for a funding campaign using adobe XD.

  1. New User sign up and create a premium subscription.

  2. User send friend request and accept friend.

  3. Friend matching based on Interest and location.

  4. Chat group based on interest and location.

  5. Creating a meetup.

  6. From a coupon create a meetup.

  7. Create and post a friend card.

  8. User gets friend card and accept invitation.

  9. Local Business creates an account.

  10. Local Business creating a coupon.


I also worked on redesigning and creating intuitive interface screen flows that clearly show how the app functions. Some of the flows I worked on where: Donate, ask for support, payment and memberships, chat groups interest based, creating a chat group, two-factor authentication, notifications, deleting messages, etc.


Additionally, I was given the task to create a design system in Figma as a part of the company’s efforts to switch from Adobe XD to Figma. I crafted the team library by using the Atomic Design methodology. Making atoms: color palette, logo, typeface, layout grids, icons, avatars, and illustrations. Composing molecules and organism by building UI components and elements. finally defining the screen templates and pages.


Working on this project was a great experience. I practiced my UI design skills and learned a lot about the world of social media applications. As a next step I would have liked to test the UI with users to see how they react to it.

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